Simpson Desert

South Australia

These unique signs are a regular site as you cross The Simpson and the surrounding areas

Perfect for those with an adventurous spirit. The Simpson Desert is as spectacular, as it is wild.  With just a few sand tracks passing through the 176,500 km you will at times feel incredibly small and alone.  

The Simpson spans parts of South West Queensland, South Australia and The Northern Territory.  Most start their adventure either from Birdsville in Queensland or Oodnadatta in South Australia.  Although there are other ways to approach. 

We have crossed from East to West twice and West to East once.  Rather than the direction making a big difference to this very addictive adventure for us it was the mood of the desert.  The first time we tackled it, the Desert had received a rare soaking of rain some weeks prior.  The wildflowers were nothing short of spectacular.  

The second crossing was interesting for a totally different reason.  We were working our way up to Birdsville and had camped the night in Innamincka.  About 2am a huge storm hit, our tent was damaged and the roads that were like a dust bowel the day before, were now a boggy mess.  We had heard on the HF radio that it had dropped even more rain to the North around Birdsville. We could either wait around for a week or so or change plans.  We headed South down the Birdsville track and then North from Maree into The Northern Territory.  After a week exploring around Alice Springs we attempted the West-East crossing of the Simpson.  This time there was a lack of wild flowers as it seems it was too soon after the rain.  As we got closer to Birdsville on the French Line the affects of the storm we had experienced a week earlier became more apparent.  For the most part it didn’t affect us but you could tell by the clay-pans that some had not found it so easy.

The last crossing was from East to West, this time we travelled the entire French Line.  The sand Hills were bigger and more challenging but this just added to the fun. 

This part of Australia is extremely remote and requires a well prepared vehicle and a reasonable level of 4WD experience.  However, if you have done your homework and you want a unique adventure you will love The Simpson Desert

Long straight sandy tracks make for interesting days on the road

The 1100 + sand dunes make for great photography 

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